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General Body

The supreme authority of IDF is the General Body. The members of the General Body are classified as Founder Member and General Member. IDF was created by the 20 Founder Members from different professions, who constituted the General Body of the Foundation; enjoy the status of both Founder Member and General Member. The members who joined afterwards enjoy the status of General Member There are 17 general members in the present General Body of the foundation. The General Body is the highest policy and decision-making institution of IDF.

Governing Body

IDF has a Governing Body consisting of 9 elected members from the General Body of the Foundation. The Governing Body is responsible for the formulation of plan and budget for the programs and projects to be implemented by the organization. It also, evaluates and monitors the implementation of policies, programs and projects through various monitoring tools and visits to the project areas.

The governing body of IDF has been structured as per the instructions provided in the Micro-credit Regulatory Authority, 2010. According to its provisions, IDF has nine members including two compulsory female members. The members of the governing body are elected by the general body members for three years. The details on the members of the Governing Body are given below-

Present Governing Body
  Vice Chairman
  General Secretary / Executive Director
  Joint Secretary