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In 2004 IDF won the prestigious ‘Pioneer in Micro-credit Award 2004’ bestowed by Grameen Foundation USA. The award was given in recognition of the outstanding contribution to poverty alleviation made by IDF and for being the pioneer in providing services to the impassable and remote hilly region of Bangladesh. Only one institution worldwide is granted this annual award by Grameen Foundation USA, in collaboration with Deutsche Bank and E-Bay Foundation, Germany.
(Mr. Zahirul Alam, Executive Director of IDF with Alex Counts (President, GF-USA) and representative of eBay Foundation after receiving GF-USA Award 2004.)
In 2005 IDF won the “Most Promising New PO Award 2004-05” from Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) among its new five Po’s for installation of maximum number of Solar Home Systems in the rural areas of Bangladesh.
(Mr. Tariqul Islam, Honourable Ministry of Forest and Environment handing over IDCOL's most Promising new PO Award 2004-05 to Mr. Zahirul Alam, Executive Director of IDF.)