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Programe> STI / HIV / AIDS
The main objective of the program is to raise awareness on STI / HIV / AIDS and its consequences among the vulnerable poor and tribal people. Target population

Sex workers
Poor tribal people
Slum dwellers
Port workers
Truck drivers
Rickshaw pullers
Vulnerable & street children
Partners of the above people
Present Working Area

Chittagong Hill Tracts
Chittagong City Awareness and counselling activities

Peer training
Awareness & counselling on STI / HIV / AIDS and other consequential risks
Awareness on social and religious values
One to one session with vulnerable target people
Preventive measures for risks
Prevention of practicing unsafe sexual behaviours
Promotion of behavioural change (drug abuse)


Alternative entertainment facilities
Condom promotion
Diagnosis and medical treatment
Sexual health & referral support
Medicine supply with subsidy
IGA training and employment
Rehabilitation of sex workers

Name of Project
CARE Bangladesh
AIDS Prevention Project for TWI

Poverty Alleviation through the Improvement of Rights of the Poor People of Urban Slums and Rural Remote Areas of Bangladesh